Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Welcome to part 2 of the series! If you're just now hopping in, click here for part 1 (it helps to read them in order)

So - you've gone and figured out exactly what you want in a family photographer. Wahoo! Now, how to find them?

I know you like I've had you answer a toonnnn of questions already, but I do have 1 more. Where do you want these pictures taken? Your first thought might be to get them taken in your home town, but have you considered matching up your family pictures with an awesome vacation you're heading on soon? Maybe your parents own a family cabin on a lake that you grew up going to? Maybe you're a big outdoors person and have a certain nature park/forest etc that is significant to you and your family? Maybe you're headed to Hawaii and want pictures on the beach! (Totally not jealous.....yup, that's a lie!) Take a moment to think about it. The world is your oyster! Don't limit yourself.

Ok, now how to actually find this perfect match! (Do you feel like you're filling out one of those online dating quizzes yet? :)

You have a few options of ways to search :

1) Instagram. The big kahuna. Insta is great because (most of the time) you get to see a quick glance of their portfolio and where they are located. They typically also have a link to their website, so you can take a quick peak at availability, prices, etc. Just head on over to the search icon (bottom left corner) then click on the search bar up top, then click on "places" (top right corner). Here you can search the specific location you had in mind from the previous question. Chances are, a photographer's profile will pop up in your search and BONUS! If they've shot at your location once, chances are they'd do it again :) You can also filter this search by the 'recent' tab, and the 'top' tab. If nothing pops up in the recent tab (maybe because it's the middle of winter, and no one is actively shooting currently) you can head on over to the top tab, where it will bring up posts that have more likes/comments. If no one pops up in the exact location you want, try something a bit more general like a nearby town. Slowly expand out until you find something.

Here's another way to search that's a bit more obvious - search tags on insta, i.e #yourlocationfamilyphotographer or #yourlocationphotographer. Chances are a few or more photogs will pop up there too. And since you already know exactly what you've looking for, you can scroll though and find someone quickly!

Option 2) Google. Google is great. My favorite way is to search though images, just so I don't spend tons of time clicking on all the websites that pop up, only to discover that they don't fit my style. Go and type " Your Location Family Photographer" into google, then head on over to the images tab. Sometimes getting rid of the 'family' part in your search can help broaden things and bring up photogs that still do families, but don't come up under that search.

3) Last but not least, ask your friends! If after all those searches you feel like you're still coming up dry, ask around. I bet someone in your circle has used someone they love.

All set? Almost there! Head on over to PART 3 to complete the trifecta.


Morgan Bruneel Photography is based in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho with travel dates available to Seattle and Central Washington. Family Photo Sessions are available from late March till the end of November. Fall Family Session in particular fill very fast so it is recommended you book 2-3 months in advance. For information on travel dates or local session openings, be the first to know by subscribing to my e-mail list. (Scroll to bottom of any page to subscribe).


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