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Do you have a blank wall in your house? Let's fix that...

So, you've read my post about why you need professional prints, and you've decided that blank wall in your house REALLLLY needs to be filled. So now what? Cory and Topanga have no idea...

Let's start with with sizes. I'm personally a big fan of gallery walls with a good variation of sizes, and a mix of horizontal vs vertical. No two dimensions the same. I also think it adds great visual interest to mix the framing style and print medium. Some prints, some canvas. Some have mattes, some don't. Some have textured frames, some are smooth. Squares, rectangles, circles, mix it up!

Don't want to buy a bunch of new frames? Yeah, I don't either. Here's a super awesome trick if you're feeling crafty. Head to your local goodwill or thrift store. Pictures frames can literally be found in abundance here. Start by looking for a size and texture of frame that you like. Once you find some, head on over to the spray paint section of Walmart/Target whatever. I'm a big fan of black and silver frames, but white, gold or brown can be fun to add in there too. Make sure to take out the glass (and matte if it has one), and take it outside and give it a good few coats of paint. Let it dry, then viola! You have a custom frame, ready to hang. Easy peasy.

It also adds great visual interest if you add in something other than pictures - a sign, a mirror, a basket of hanging flowers etc.

Big fan of black and white images? Me too! Try filling all the space on your wall - looks like this... Kind of gives it an art gallery feel, don't you think?

Check out more ideas for gallery walls here:

Happy planning!


PS. Seriously - I'm here to help plan your gallery wall. Need someone to bounce ideas off of? Let's chat!

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