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Hey there friends! So you have your files ready to go, but now you're wondering, how do I print these?? What size? Where to buy frames?? Don't worry, we'll cover it all!

(If you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, start HERE).

First step : deciding what size to print.

As always, it's best to decide where you will be hanging these prints and make sure they will fit. My personal fav is to use painters tape and to 'map out' exactly what size and where the frames will go. That way you can know for sure everything will fit, and be spaced properly.

Image from
Here is what I'm talking about with the painters tape

My personal favorite is engineer prints. Staples has a great service for this, and you can pick from 3 sizes : 18×24in, 24x36in, and 36×48. I recommend sticking with the first 2 sizes, they are plenty big!

There are lots of great budget friendly options for framing your engineer prints. Here are a few from Target, Walmart, and Ikea.

Another option is Frame it easy! They will take care of your printing and your framing, all in one place! This option is less budget friendly, but you'll end up with a great product.

See what my friend Kelli did with her prints from frame it easy:

There you have it! Happy printing and framing :) Once you've finished hanging your prints, would you snap a picture and send it to me? I love seeing your final products!

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I saw your post it’s very nice. Every photographer should print their photos. By printing your photos, you can enjoy them more but you'll also learn more about your photography. You can do it at home or find someone that does it for you. Metal, glass, canvas, paper... the possibilities are limitless. Photography is not just looking at your photos on a screen. This process is very good.

Thank you for watching it.

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