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So not all seasons are created equal when it comes to getting family pictures taken, especially if some of your family members are little. Here are a few tips and thoughts to take into consideration before picking your prime time for family pictures.

  1. Consider the foliage

Ha! What? The foliage?? Simply put - think about what you see outdoors in spring/summer/fall! Here are some visual samples :

coeur d'alene family photographer
Taken mid June. See those beautiful purples flowers?? Amazing!

Here in North Idaho - we get BEAUTIFUL wild flowers in late spring - mid summer. Everything is green, and it's not blazing hot yet, so when we're shooting in the evenings we can probably bet on 70's, maybe 80's. I LOVE shooting this time of year, and the kids love playing and frolicking in the flower (maybe even picking a few ;) Mother nature might still have a few rain/thunderstorms in store, but the chance goes down the closer to summer we get.

Coeur d'alene family photographer
Awww - bringing flowers for momma :)
Coeur d'alene family photographer
Coeur d'alene family photographer
Seriously - check out that bouquet! Taken beginning of July
Coeur d'alene engagement photographer
Can you tell I love flowers yet? :)

In mid-late summer, foliage might be starting to dry up a bit, but you can still count on green evergreens almost everywhere. The water is warmer (session by the lake, anyone??) and the sunsets are BEAUTIFUL! Chances of rain changing your session date are slim. The downside to summer can be that some prime picture spots are full of tourists. This can be avoided by shooting mid-week.

Coeur d'alene engagement photographer
Still green and beautiful! You can rock a fun summer dress!

In Fall, most everything has dried up. If you love warmer backdrops, this season is for you! Cozy sweaters, layers and scarves. Be aware, Fall is my busiest season of all and goes fast. Everyone has Christmas cards on their brain, and want to get a picture before the snow comes. Get ahead of the game, shoot for September! This time of year is awesome.

Coeur d'alene family photographer
These were taken at the beginning of September. Things are starting to dry up, but still some green.
Coeur d'alene family photographer
Taken at the end of September - most everything is dry but it's still beautiful! Can wear warmer layers and colors.

2. When is bedtime for kiddos? Family sessions during bedtime = NOOO. did you hear me? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

All my sessions take place 2 hours before sunset. To find out when your session would start, just plug in your desired date to google and see when sunset is that day. Subtract 2 hours and bam! Do you have an early to bed go-er? Early spring/late fall might be best. Late to bed? Summer it is!

*Quick note : If your kiddos are older and have busy school year schedules, I'd shoot for summer when everyone is out of school.

Coeur d'alene family photographer
Think about your youngest - when is bedtime? Don't drag a tired/cranky kiddo to a photoshoot! No way jose!

3. What styles are you wanting to wear?

It seems simple, but think about it. Wanting a long maxi dress with layers? Spring/fall. Light and airy sun dress? Summer. Are your kiddos not big fans of layers and layers? Avoid fall. Are the kiddos happier when they are barefoot in the sand? Summer!

Coeur d'alene family photographer
Fun in Fall! Taken at the beginning of September.

Morgan Bruneel is based in Coeur d Alene, Idaho. Outdoor sessions are available from late March till the end of November. Fall Family Session in particular fill very fast so it is recommended you book 2-3 months in advance. In family sessions we focus on family connections, rather than trying to get everyone smiling looking at the camera. We run, play, tickle, laugh and create authentic family moments.

For first pick of session dates, be sure to follow me in IG! Link below.

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